Fentanyl test kits

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a strong opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin. It is partially responsible for the current overdose crisis in the US. Prescription fentanyl may be a tablet, spray, or patch. On the street, fentanyl may look like a white, tan or gray powder and may be mixed in with other drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, or pressed pills.

Fentanyl overdose

Anyone can overdose on fentanyl, especially if they don’t know it is in the drugs they ingest. You can’t overdose from touching fentanyl, it must be ingested to cause an overdose.

Signs of a fentanyl overdose include slow or no breathing, blue or ashy lips or fingertips, and pinpoint pupils.

How to use a
Fentanyl test strip

What do I need?

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1 Shot Glass, Half-Filled with Water

You can use any small container (little ketchup cups work well). Whatever container you use, only use about a half (1/2) a shot glass of water (15mL). If you are testing a stimulant (like meth, cocaine, or MDMA) use a full shot glass of water instead.

Shot Glass, Small Container and Small Ketchup Cup
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Fentanyl Test Strip
Fentanyl Test Strip
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Very Small Amount of Powder to Test

About the size of a match head or half a grain of rice.

Matchstick head, half a grain of rice size comparison

How do I use the strip?


Put the powder in the glass of water and swirl it until it is completely dissolved. If you want to test something that isn’t a powder, crush it first.

Illustration: shot glass with powder being sprinkled into cup with water.


Hold the solid blue end of the test strip and dip the other end in the water. Keep the water below the blue line.


Hold the strip in the water for about ten seconds. You will know it’s ready because the water will be sucked up into the white part of the strip.

Illustration: Stiring test strip in water

Take the strip out of the water and wait sixty (60) seconds.


Use a bright light to look at the strip and count how many red lines there are. Even very light red lines count!

Illustration: Checking Test Strips


Make sure you check the strip within ten minutes of doing the test. Throw the strip away when you are done.

Illustration: Throw test strip away
Naloxone Kit

Overdose Risk

  1. Use fentanyl test strips to test your drugs.
  2. Go slow and use less – a little goes a long way.
  3. Space out doses because fentanyl acts fast and is different for everyone.
  4. Practice extra caution when using alone.
  5. Always carry naloxone.

Naloxone works
for Fentanyl too.

Fentanyl overdoses can be reversed using naloxone, including Narcan Nasal Spray. A person overdosing on opioids may need more than one dose of naloxone and more time for it to work (2-3 minutes).

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Naloxone Nasal Spray