is a medical condition that can lead to addiction.

Treatment is available regardless of the ability to pay.

OK I'M READY - Substance Abuse Help

Nearly 300,000 Oklahomans report having a substance use disorder. Many will never access the care they need to be well. That needs to change.

Substance Use Disorder is not a moral issue. It is a chronic, treatable disease that individuals can recover from and go on to live healthy lives. The facts are that there are safe, effective and lifesaving tools available to help people experiencing substance use. OK I’M READY is a resource to help.

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You are not alone.

Browse our library to hear the stories of real Oklahomans and their recovery from substance use.

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Treatment for substance use disorders is available.

Treatment Works

There are many treatment options, and providers are ready to connect you with the right services and supports. There are no shortcuts, but recovery is possible.

About 90%

About 90% of people with a substance use disorder who receive evidence-based treatment, report they get better.

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Overcoming the Barriers

Many people see substance use and addiction as a personal or moral failure. As a result, people may feel fear and anger toward someone with a substance use disorder, even if they are a friend or family member. For many, it can be hard to see – and help – the individual behind the illness. Stigma is a set of negative attitudes that can create barriers to treatment, allowing the disease to progress and poor outcomes to continue. In short, stigma is discrimination that we must overcome if we are to effectively impact lives for the better and decrease the negative consequences that impact individuals, families and communities.

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