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If you or someone you know is in immediate distress, access these resources and hotlines toll-free and receive 24-hour, confidential support. You are not facing this alone.


Substance Use Disorder is not a choice. It can happen to anyone.

Our brains want us to keep doing things that we need or enjoy—like eating tasty food. That’s why you sometimes eat more dessert than you know you should. That’s why a little child often shouts “again!” when you do something to make them laugh. Substances are no different.


The hard truth is that substances feel good.

The first time you try using substances, you might like the way it makes you feel and think you’re in control of the situation, but you can lose control quickly.

You owe it to yourself to be honest.

Do you have triggers that make you crave the use of drugs or alcohol? A trigger is an emotional reaction brought on by a person, setting, or experience. Some common triggers are:

Emotional Distress
Feeling Isolated
Mental or Physical Illness

If you find yourself craving alcohol or other substances after a hard day, it might be time to talk to someone.