What is TAAM?

Tough as a Mother is a public awareness campaign launched in May 2023 and created in partnership with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health. The goal of TAAM is to decrease stigma around maternal substance use disorder, educate providers and connect pregnant and parenting mothers to treatment and recovery supports in their communities. The campaign relies on partners like you to share our resources.


Why is TAAM Needed?

Since 1999, the number of pregnant women diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD) has increased by more than fourfold in Oklahoma. In 2018 there were 1,040 women who gave birth in state-licensed facilities to infants affected by withdrawal symptoms and 70% of them were not connected with substance use treatment following delivery.

In addition to the impact substance use during pregnancy has on newborns, parental substance use is one of the leading causes of children being placed in out-of-home care. In 2021 parental alcohol or substance abuse was an identified condition of over half of removals in Oklahoma, placing the state higher than the national average of the proportion of removals due to substance abuse.


Substance use during and after pregnancy also significantly increases the odds of maternal-related mortality. More than two-thirds of the people who died of mental health-related causes within a year of giving birth had a history or current indication of substance use.

The need for connecting pregnant and parenting mothers with substance use issues to comprehensive, specialized care tailored for them is clear. However, due to societal stigma and perceptions of mothers with substance use disorder, this priority population has been difficult to reach and oftentimes reluctant to seek treatment.

The TAAM campaign aims to reach this priority population, destigmatize their substance use issues, and provide a connection to treatment providers. This connection to care is vitally important to decreasing substance use, preserving the parent-infant bond, strengthening our families and communities, and disrupting cycles of trauma and generational trauma that impact our state.

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Resources and Education

At Tough as a Mother, we aim to be a valuable resource to our provider community by curating content, educational resources and tools to expand your knowledge and network. Check back often for new resources and let us know if you want us to cover a topic at TAAMOK@odmhsas.org

ODMHSAS Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Foundational Training

The ODMHSAS partners with a national-level expert to offer a slate of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) virtual trainings. The training dates and registration links can be found on the ODMHSAS Training Institute website

  • • Keeping Babies in Mind / 4 hours CLE, MJCLE, and CEUs
  • • Looking at Diversity through the Lens of Trauma and Resilience while Supporting Parents and Babies 4 hours CLE, MJCLE, and CEUs
  • • Foundations of Infant Mental Health

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Addiction Severity Index (ASI), American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) PPC, and Oklahoma Determination of ASAM Service Level

The ODMHSAS Training Institute regularly offers these foundational courses in assessing the substance use and level of treatment needed for people experiencing substance use, misuse, or abuse. Email communication is typically sent out for training dates and registration, and providers are encouraged to sign up for emails from the Training Institute. Providers are also encouraged to check the Training Institute website for availability.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training

The ODMHSAS Training Institute regularly offers training on the principles and techniques of this trauma-informed interviewing process used to enhance a client’s motivation to change. Email communication is typically sent out for training dates and registration, and providers are encouraged to sign up for emails from the Training Institute. Providers are also encouraged to check the Training Institute website for availability.

National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) Tutorials for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Professionals

This free online training offered by national technical assistance partner NCSACW contains five (5) online modules providing SUD treatment professionals basic knowledge of the child welfare and deprived court systems, including how the mandates of those systems may affect the need for treatment. The course requires an access key that providers can obtain by entering their email on the site. [4.5 CEUs]

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ODMHSAS Family Care Plan e-Learning Modules

The ODMHSAS Training Institute has an online Family Care Plan e-Learning18 available that covers the foundation of FCPs and offers video examples of how to introduce and review FCPs with clients. The e-Learning is worth two (2) CEUs and contains four (4) modules

Family Care Plan

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Use Services requires within the Statement of Work (SOW) that all contracted substance use treatment agencies offer family care plans to all pregnant and parenting mothers with a substance use disorder. Training, tools, and recommended best practices have been developed to help providers and program staff prepare for and implement Family Care Plans with their clients.

ODMHSAS eLearning on FCP’s

Family Care Plan eLearning

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FCP Toolkit

Toolkit download – Coming Soon

Monthly Coaching and Consultation

The ODMHSAS and state subject matter experts will be offering monthly coaching and consultation (C&C) virtual calls for providers implementing Family Care Plans. These calls will provide training on subjects related to FCPs and family-centered services as well as an opportunity for case staffing and Q&A. Currently, the ODMHSAS is implementing a monthly call for SUD treatment providers and professionals on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 10 am. To join the listserv for the monthly C&C, email GetFCPHelp@odmhsas.org

Recordings of Family Care Plan Coaching and Consultation Calls

FCP Coaching and Consultation Call – Topic “FCP binder documents & resources” Janet Cizek from CTI walks us through their The SAFER© Family Care Plan Binder Docs and resources.
Link: Video Link
Password: UzL=BHs6

FCP Coaching and Consultation Call – Topic “How to engage the hard to engage family” Katherine Conner from CREOKS walks us through some helpful practices to assist with family engagement
Link: Video Link
Password: ?bB5wytA

Needing support with Family Care Plan Implementation?

Training, technical assistance, and support related to FCP implementation can be obtained via GetFCPHelp@odmhsas.org

2023 Monthly Coaching & Consultation Call Recordings

August – 8/23/23 – Katie Harrison

Tough As A Mother anti-stigma campaign
Passcode: yw77%z^Y
Meeting Link

October – 10/25/23 – Katherine Conner

How to engage partners/support persons with clients who utilize Family Care Plans
Passcode: HaV!I=&5
Meeting Link

November – 11/15/23 – Katie Harrison

Overview of the New Family Care Plan Template
Passcode: s@C0cW1M
Meeting Link

December – No call due to the holidays

January – 1/24/24 – Samantha Bowman

How to do resource mapping in your community
Passcode: S6TFC!+8
Meeting Link

February – 2/28/24 – Katherine Conner

How to integrate Family Care Plans & family centered care across your agency
Passcode: S6TFC!+8
Meeting Link

Are you a provider who is interested in sharing your services?

Storytelling is an important part of creating awareness and a network of support. When we level with moms, show our humanity and talk to them about our resources, we are far more likely to create impact, reduce stigma and encourage behavior change. You and your team can easily share your resources to share your impact with the community and encourage mothers to take part in your services.