Connections for Recovery Initiative – Prescription for change

Dear Provider:

I am pleased to extend this invitation to participate in the Connections for Recovery initiative. The initiative includes the roll-out of two solutions from CHESS Health:

  • eIntervention, an electronic referral management and patient engagement tool that improves continuity of care. It is an easy to use referral system providing real-time metrics on referral outcomes to the sender, receiver, and the community. Benefits include optimized electronic referral process, increased patient engagement, increased revenue associated with successful referrals, and improved patient experience.
  • eRecovery, combines the patient-facing Connections App with a platform of provider care management functionality, predictive relapse risk indicators, and analytics to reduce relapse.  Providers may offer their patients use of the evidence-based smartphone App providing 24x7 access to a supportive peer community and other valuable recovery support tools.

Best of all, the cost of these solutions is covered by ODMHSAS and there’s absolutely no cost to providers.

Please click here to learn more, view a short educational video, and enroll in this initiative.

If you have specific questions or would like a personal discussion regarding this initiative, feel free to contact us at

Teresa Stephenson, M Ed
Director of Medication, Stimulant Use, Women and Family Specific Treatment Services/State Op. Treatment Authority
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services